Web Design & Development


When the Internet became publicly available in the mid-1990s, I was in high school. I remember my first ever tinkering with HTML code and the crude web pages I developed were part of the school library. With the dot-com era in full swing, I remember proposing website presences for both my school as well as my church. To me, the internet represented an explosion in information accessibility, and I envisaged websites as being mainly information-driven and function-focused. You have to remember that this was the heyday of what we now coin Internet 1.0.

During my undergraduate years at university, a few friends and I self-learnt PHP and MySQL scripting. Our focus and application were in developing our own custom-made content management system for a fan-fiction website. Interestingly, it was during this same period that WordPress was birthed! Throughout the 2000s, I developed a number of limited-scale PHP/HTML websites — mainly for small businesses and also two versions of how I had foreseen my church website developing. I even developed an HTML website format/structure to manage and store the material I accumulated as part of my family tree/genealogy research.

In part, my ongoing exposure to the field of website development and coding has a practical expression and output in the Website History page. My experience and knowledge extends beyond the realm of website content and information architecture to be quite holistic and practical for small business clients. Going beyond the boundary of the Creative focus, my website experience includes domain name and hosting configuration, email accounts, SSL configuration and various WordPress-related enhancements.

The following clients have enlisted my professional Website Design & Development services over the years:

  1. Cornerstone Homestay (2000 – 2001) [Full website development]
  2. Dimos Lawyers [Website update only]
  3. Eureka Group (2001 – 2007) [Full website development]
  4. Immunocal (2004 – 2005) [Full website development]
  5. iWay2Asia (2003) [Full website development]
  6. Northern Metropolitan Region – Department of Education, Employment & Training (2002) [Website update only]
  7. SkyeHawke dot com [Website development]
  8. VervePotential [Website update only]