Over the years, XBOP has built up a small collection of books written on Apple or Steve Jobs. Apple Inc as a company is highly secretive so the glimpses of the company and its founder that do find their way into published books form the next best thing. In order for an item to be added to this list, the primary focus of the book has to be Apple:

  • The Apple Experience (Carmine Gallo)
  • The Apple Revolution (Luke Dormehl)
  • The Apple Way (Cruikshank)
  • Enchantment (Guy Kawaski)
  • Haunted Empire (Yukari Iwatani Kane)
  • I, Steve (George Beahm)
  • iCon Steve Jobs (Jeffrey Young & William Simon)
  • The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs (Carmine Gallo)
  • Insanely Simple (Ken Segall)
  • Inside Apple (Adam Lashinsky)
  • Inside Steve’s Brain (Leander Kahney)
  • iWoz (Steve Wozniak)
  • Jony Ive (Leander Kahney)
  • Leading Apple with Steve Jobs (Jay Elliot)
  • The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs (Carmine Gallo)
  • Steve Jobs (Walter Isaacson)
  • The Steve Jobs Way (Jay Elliot)

Other books that refer to Apple as a secondary/periphery topic are listed here:

  • Disney War (James Stewart) – Disney & Pixar
  • Google Speaks (Janet Lowe) – Google
  • In the Plex (Steven Levy) – Google
  • Sony vs Samsung (See-Jin Chang) – Sony & Samsung
  • Losing the Signal (Jacquie McNish) – RIM/Blackberry

Collectively, this collection has helped to inform and provide me with the best insights into Apple and also the consumer electronics industry in which it operates. Apple has successfully evolved from its humble computer-based beginnings into today’s giant spanning computing, telecommunications, music & content aggregation, wearable devices, software and hardware.