Choosing Each Day #1: Introduction

2018 has commenced with the Christmas/New Year holiday providing a well-deserved respite from the daily grind of consulting work. In this context of refreshment and annual renewal, 2018 is unfolding with Clayton Church and their preaching on the topic of Continue ReadingChoosing Each Day #1: Introduction

DBS Bible Verse Sets

The following sets or collections of bible verses are grouped accordingly because they enable small groups to work through them sequentially, and via the DBS inductive approach, form a pure theology and understanding of Scripture. Over time, this entire collection of passages Continue ReadingDBS Bible Verse Sets

Bible Translations & Versions through History

Understanding and appreciating the history of the bible requires us to consider it in parts. This article is thus by attempt at drawing together various sources of material to help focus on the origins and authorship of the 66 books Continue ReadingBible Translations & Versions through History