Melbourne Alternate Designs

When I was in high school (background & influences), I spent idle moments dreaming about a futuristic Melbourne. Some 10+ years later, as I reflect on those thoughts and the outputs that resulted from them, it occurs to me that they all converge on principles of Design & Customer Experience. Further, the initial pages for this project were previously documented on my previous website under the banner ‘Futuristic Melbourne’. Given some of the developments in the last decade, I believe it is now more appropriately called ‘Alternate Designs’.

  1. Our Public transport system works as true metro system.
  2. Shopping centres are the proper ACTIVITY CENTRES, connected by our integrated/holistic public transport system:
    1. Glen Waverley / The Glen
    2. Chadstone
    3. Westfield Doncaster
    4. Box Hill
    5. Knox City
  3. Key educational institutions are also integral HUBS within metropolitan Melbourne:
    1. Monash University, Clayton Campus
    2. Deakin University, Melbourne Campus
  4. Other areas that have been played a role in my life:
    1. My church — Clayton Church of Christ
    2. My high school — Haileybury College

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