Design and Lego go hand-in-hand. As a child, I grew up with Lego but recently, after being given a Lego Movie Lego set, it rekindled this interest.

Lego is not just for kids, but adults can also derive much pleasure from it. Around the world, many collectors fuel the demand for new and more complex Lego sets. Popular culture has helped to keep Lego in our peripheral vision – think The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon’s Lego Death Star.

Lego is a very educational toy since the general block units become building blocks for all kinds of designs limited only by the imagination of the Lego designer, be that a child or adult.

The initial content showcased here will document my growing collection of Lego sets that I have acquired since the start of 2015, listed in order of acquisition:

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23 March Update

As part of further research conducted in writing up the General Grievous’ Wheel Bike set, my Lego collection set is not just documented here with my reviews, but is also recorded in and Both websites are related to each other in that you can link accounts between the two and thus, manage sets owned in the one website. These websites offer a greater depth and wealth of information on parts, instructions and further functions based on set valuation as well as purchasing and browsing the Lego set.

In this way, Lego not only taps into my love of creativity and design, but the parts inventory and statistical analysis are bonus outcomes that I never have thought about until this deeper analysis and appreciation of my Lego sets. These websites are clearly designed to cater to fans like myself; adults who appreciate the statistical depth as part of forming collections of Lego sets.

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