XBOP Creative is grouped into the following areas, all of which demonstrate the wide range of interests and creativity-related skills that have developed over the years.

The following provides a high-level snapshot of the various ‘projects’ and material that will eventually be fully made available here. To a large extent, the framework provided here is a showcase of ideas I have developed to differing levels over the years. Part of my ambition is to be able to see most, if not all, of these areas fully completed, and where applicable (areas #1, #4 and #6), commercialised as products and sources of income.

Areas #2 and #4 have definitely an active range of services which has been blogged about in this post on Event Production & Management, which I have not sought to monetize in a for-profit business model simply because I provide them only to friends within my church environment/network, and therefore am gifting them this service.

  1. Creative Music
    1. God’s Experiment (2006) — album of 12 songs.
  2. Creative Technology
    1. Church Worship/Projection Technology
    2. Video Production (YouTube Videography/Channel)
  3. Film, Theatre & Musicals
    1. Film Reviews
    2. Musical Reviews
  4. Publications & Print Media
    1. Event Publications
    2. English Textbook
    3. Anthology
  5. Web Design & Development
  6. Board Game Development
  7. Architectural Layouts

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