Choosing Each Day #1: Introduction

2018 has commenced with the Christmas/New Year holiday providing a well-deserved respite from the daily grind of consulting work. In this context of refreshment and annual renewal, 2018 is unfolding with Clayton Church and their preaching on the topic of Rediscovering Your First Love.

Series Introduction

As part of the series, a 40-item checklist was provided for us to reflect upon – the list contained actions and attitudes which combined to form measures and signs to help us believers assess the state of our relationship with God as a way to encourage us to discover or indeed, rediscover our first love with Him, our Lord.

As part of renewing my commitment and love for God in 2018, I find the use of YouVersion and their Reading Plans a handy tool for ensuring a healthy discipline of connecting with God via His Word. Over the holiday period, I embarked on a short 4-day reading plan called I’m Encouraging which was really just one of a six-part Stay Positive series, originally published by Life.Church. These reading plans are structured in a simple way with devotional followed by short Bible passage. To complement this discipline, I return here to “rediscover” and reinvigorate my journalling/blogging of this experience.

For completeness, and to ensure a holistic journalling experience here, I will be replicating the devotional content. If it is not already clear, I do not own this intellectual property, which remains held by the publisher Thistlebend Ministries and facilitated via the YouVersion app/platform.

Reading Plan Info: Choosing Each Day, God or Self?

The battle between choosing God or choosing self often begins the moment we wake up in the morning. This plan will present us with a practical step we can take the first thing in the morning to better help us choose each day to trust, follow, and serve the Lord.


  1. Introduction [this article]
  2. Day #1 (Tuesday 9 January)
  3. Day #2 (Wednesday 10 January)
  4. Day #3 (Thursday 11 January)