October 2017 Update

The continuous daily posting cycle from July-August came to an end at the start of September and at that point in time, the migration and introduction of NICLEE had just transpired.

The change to NICLEE as my personal brand/blog site separate from XBOP has required me to enforce a stricter delineation between things of a personal nature versus a business/work association. Even Monthly Reviews have been missing in this last reporting period. Questions need resolution as to where does that kind of content belong? On both websites? Or just NICLEE and not XBOP? The statistical and milestone achievements remain timeless in that the raw numbers are always available so I can quickly and easily address that content gap.

More fundamental questions on how I make use of both personal and business brands/online presences persist. Whilst blogging has taken more of a back-seat, during the period of September – October life has rolled on. Some topics that have filled the public discourse would well deserve a focus in my blogs but that effort would have undoubtedly demanded a lot more of my time which I have simply not had a luxury of.

A quick comment on the Same Sex Debate, as the period of our national plebiscite/vote rapidly comes to an end – both side of the argument fundamentally misunderstand their starting points. That believers of the one faith can be so divided and thus confused on what their faith and theology teaches is in itself alarming for the wider body and community of faith. Distortions of definitions has contributed to this climate, and ultimately Australia has been very divided.

In more recent times the Victoria Legislative Assembly voted to pass the bill concerning assisted dying aka voluntary euthanasia. Whilst this topic has not had the kind of media attention to the same extent as the Same Sex Debate / changing the definition of marriage, the life-changing impacts do deserve consideration. Given the path ahead for the legislation being more uncertainty as it progresses through the Legislative Council, I may find the opportunity to blog also on this topic.

How does one separate their personal views and beliefs (aka faith or “religion” as others would call it) from what has ultimately become a secular government and society. Both topics cover the consideration of “human rights”, which has ultimately been shown to be subjective rather than a fixed fact of truth. Someone’s rights are ultimately granted at the expense of someone else’s rights. And our so called “freedom of speech” value is equally subjective and a double-edged sword since all freedoms cost someone something. For me, and this blog, developing and understanding the Biblical position for these issues is my starting point.