Monthly Review: July 2017

As things have emerged, the whole month of July has seen a persistence in the lack of SSL here at XBOP.

Statistics & Records

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This is the first unremarkable month where NO records or milestones were set or achieved. The full list of records/milestones is available here.


The start of the month was fairly focused on resolving the SSL certificate problem, but as at the start of August, now, that continues to remain unresolved. The start of July also was preoccupied with Hillsong Conference 2017 – Closer. This event remains yet to be blogged about.

July has been a month where non-website brand channels have played a greater prominence in the overall XBOP brand representation. As my first Hillsong Conference ever, I was actually quite tame and limited in my filming throughout the conference sessions mainly because I just wanted to enjoy it and fully immerse myself in the experience. On the last morning of the conference I did post a Facebook Live video, which has now garnered some 100 views.

Over the remainder of July, I uploaded my videos from Hillsong to my YouTube channel. The collective impact of these videos is shown in the following stats, which may or may nor evolve into a similar statistical reporting/section of these monthly reviews:

Visually, the impact is considerable. Gaining 10K new views, of which the majority is attributed to the following video, is a good achievement:

The other non-website development for XBOP has been my Threadless Artist Shop, which I have now combined with the Value-Based Discipleship Devotional blogging. This effort will continue for the six weeks through occupy the majority of August. With the five-day cycle, I am yet to decide whether other content will be posted during the month since the whole month will be pretty full.

Thanks and blessings.