Timothy Group: 4-Column Studies

The format of a four-column study is intended to help us individually be reminded of the core themes and teachings of the bible. 

Each column corresponds to a different purpose:

  1. Rewrite the passage, word for word. In my case, I am typing up the entire passage from scratch.
  2. Paraphrase or re-tell the passage in your own words
  3. “I Will” / application / What is God showing me?
  4. Special / specific question assigned for each week

Four-column studies are a tool for personal devotion and assist individual believers to explore themes in more depth. The study of these passages follows an intentional sequence where key aspects to our beliefs are systematically explored. The table below forms a table of contents for all studies undertaken as part of the Timothy Discipleship Group training over the period December 2016 – May/June 2017.

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The interesting thing is that the list above is a separate collection to the DBS Bible Verse Sets.

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