Higher Than I #11: Summary

Higher Than I has to-date, been an internally marketed album within the Clayton Church community. The publicity and marketing of the album has been minimal, with word-of-mouth reliance. Whilst the initial launch did not anticipate too many requests for CDs and resources, the level of demand was underestimated such that a steady flow of requests for CD hard-copies has bubbled away weeks after the launch, throughout the month of May.

1Praise to the Lord the AlmightyYouTubePDFPDFwordpress
2Higher Than IYouTubePDFPDFwordpress
3Blessed AssuranceYouTubePDFPDFwordpress
4Great Is Your LoveYouTubePDFPDFwordpress
5You AreYouTubePDFPDFwordpress
6How MajesticYouTubePDFPDFwordpress
7I DesireYouTubePDFPDFwordpress
8Breathe On MeYouTubePDFPDFwordpress
9What a Friend We Have In JesusYouTubePDFPDFwordpress
10Wonderful CrossYouTubePDFPDFwordpress

The key preference has been to promote the album online, which initially was a free campaign from the church website. By the middle of the first week, both Spotify and iTunes channels had the album listed and available. Reporting on the results of these channels is not available in the interim, but the traffic spike to the church website was considerable.



At the time of launch, a quick snapshot of YouTube views for each video was taken to form a baseline view. Within three days, 1498 views were accumulated for the videos. At the time, the distribution across the 10 songs of the album already reflected some clear favourites amongst viewers. The #1 song at the time was Great Is Your Love with a share of 19%, almost three times the least favourite song Blessed Assurance (6%). One month later, as at Thursday 2 May, Great Is Your Love remains #1 with an increased share of 17%, still three times the least favourite which remains the same too. The movers during the month suggest I Desire, which was initially on par with Higher Than I (10% each) is now challenge Praise to the Lord the Almighty to second place – basically I Desire is more popular and is accumulating more views faster than Praise to the Lord. This first month saw most of the lower ranked songs improve in their share of views. I Desire saw the greatest growth of 2%, which equals the same dip in preference for Great Is Your Love.

One of the facts that obfuscates the reality of our analysis is that the free download from the church website was in action during the first week of launch, and without appropriate measurements, this is a bit of a blind spot for now. iTunes statistical reporting is also not yet available, so that data will be taken into consideration when it becomes available – apparently at the two-month or first quarter milestone. One of the interesting facts was that when some people were sharing the album, they actually used one of the songs (Great Is Your Love) as a the link in, and thus, there may be a bias in the statistics gathered. To ensure balance, I created a YouTube playlist for the album and shared that link: http://bit.ly/higher-than-I.

So, if you have listened to the whole album, what is your favourite song?